Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 136--The First Of Many, We Hope.

May 16th: Well, I think Zach is finally recovering from the broken thumb. He finally got what he wanted, a shot over the long fences. Saturday morning, first at bat, first pitch, he took one deep (about 320 or so before it landed) over the left field fence. I was so happy for him. It has been a long, frustrating season for him between the broken thumb, the ever continuing sore heel and a really, really young team. It was a good day for him, you can tell by the smile! Zach is all smiles!
Nice Ball

Hayden's self-pic at that mornings game. Notice all the clouds and the lights are on for Pete's sake at a day game in the middle of May. This has got to be the coldest baseball season ever.

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Darla said...

way to go! i'm sure this made his day.