Monday, August 18, 2008

Hayboy Turns 8!!!!!

Hayden turned 8 on Friday, Aug 15th. He has been so excited about his birthday for the past couple of weeks. Even though I worked Thursday night he really wanted to go to the movies on Friday. With Zach going to the lake with the youth group, that left Hayden and I to the movies all by ourselves. We decided on Journey To The Center of The Earth-3D. I am happy to say it was really, really good.
On Saturday we were busy with baseball as usual. Two games in 1 day but Hayden even got a gift from one of Zach's teammates mom. Lots of candy and alot of little play things. (Thanks Liz).
The rest of the day was spent getting ready for company for Hayden's party on Sunday.
Sunday started as usual with church when we received a call from Shawn's dad. They had had a fender binder in Tye and decided not to come and Nanny Sue was unable to come due to flooded road conditions. That left us and aunt Christy to celebrate but we had a really good time. Hayden had another little party with Granny today due to her work schedule and now will have another on Sunday with Shawn's dad. He is really cleaning up on the birthday parties.
Hayden is such a fun kid. I think he gets his strong will from Shawn but he has a free spirit that he gets from my older sister, Melinda. I think these two would be two peas in a pod. Wish he could have known her. I know how much they would have gotten along. Happy Birthday Hayboy. We all love you so much.