Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It Is Official, I Am An Olympic Junkie

Maybe I need some rehab because I am addicted to watching these crazy Olympic Games. Those of you that know the crazy routine I keep know how little sleep I already get, now just add some more sleep deprivation to that. I really cannot help myself, I love the excitement of it all.

I know it all started with the Winter Olympics of 1980 when the American Hockey team won over Russia. I was sitting in my grandmothers living room in Goree, Tx watching that game. It was so awesome. With every Olympics since then, I am watching.

This Olympics has been so entertaining. Michael Phelps has been a one man wrecking crew,the men's and women's gymnastics have offered some excitement and the Redeem Team seems to be taking care of business on the hard wood (Go Coach K), but I really enjoy getting to see sports that only get air time during the Olympics. Who knew that Ping Pong could be so entertaining or the lighting of the heads of the fencing team could be so bizarre.

The setting being in China has been intriguing all its own. That reminds me, we have a team leaving Aug 30th to go to China to spread the gospel. These 2 men and 2 women are setting out on their own form of the Olympics. Please keep them in your prayers and hope they can bring the message to those whom are ready to receive.

Go USA and Team Heights. Conquer all you can in China.