Monday, August 2, 2010

Little of This, A Little of That

Yes, please don't pass out, but here is a post. Been one crazy busy spring and summer. Getting ready to gear up for school, I can't believe it! Here a few pics for your enjoyment of the past few months.... A few weeks ago my moms older 2 sisters came to visit. The eldest, Pat, (on the left) came to visit my mom. We don't get to see her very often but she makes me laugh. The next oldest, Jackie(on the right) we see just about every month. She and my Uncle Homer live back in the town my mom and her sisters grew up in, Munday, Tx. I am so glad they got to get together. Only thing missing was their baby sister, Deb. She lives up in Washington State and I couldn't tell ya the last time we saw her.
My boys actually took a picture together that day. They are as opposite as day and night. They are getting so big and time is passing fast with them. They r one foot apart now in size. Hayden at 5ft and Zach at 6. Amazing how much they have grown this year. Physically but they have both grown emontionally and spiritually. Zach has made some really good decisions and is stepping up as a leader while Hayden is getting baptized in a few weeks!

Had to just add this picture because it just captures the fun of the day~
The Clowdis Girls again. Just love these women!
Shawn and Zach fishing on our quick trip we had to Ruidoso back in June. It was a great 4 days!

My sweet Hayden in Ruidoso. Just love this kid. He is busy doing Taekwondo now and loving it! I guess he and I will start getting geared up for homeschool. We are pretty excited about doing a computerized program this year.

Hayden playing some football while he was at childrens church camp. Our church went to Austin College in Sherman, Tx. He had an awesome time!

This has been our usual venue this summer. A baseball field somewhere. Zach had a great Hub City league season that carried over into the West Texas High School league. Our 14u coach managed to get us in the league as the only non high school team. We played alot of freshman and JV teams and actully did really well. Zach went to a few camps at Texas Tech and learned alot about catching thanks to Coach Jimmy Webster. Today starts Fall Ball season for Zach. 12 games fast and furious between now and Aug 26th. Zach is ready for football but not school. Whats new.....