Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bitter Sweet November

Since I last posted, a lot has been going on. Busy with school, work and family activities. Here are a few pics to show how our last month or so has been. Hayden just keeps on bowling well. Here is his new bowling shirt along with some of the new awards he has won. He gets better every week. Started out with a 56 avg and as of last week he had an 80 average. He loves doing it!
Football season finally ended. Not exactly how Zach had imagined. Ended with a record of 3-4-1. Hopefully it will be better next year. He decided not to play basketball and now is doing off season. High school coaches do their off-season program and they are kicking Z's booty!

Our sweet Yogi. We had to put him down yesterday. Since my last post he had a knot show up on his leg. It turned out to be bone cancer and it just grew like crazy the past month. He was in a lot of pain and even though it was hard, it was the best thing for him. We are recovering.

Meet this new guy. His name is McCoy. He is our new baby. He seems to help the pain of losing Yogi but he definitely has his own personality. We are so blessed to have him. Thanks Julie and Bubba!

He is 8 wks-old today. We are starting to train him from a book called "Game Dog" by Richard Wolters on the advice of our pastor. He has 3 labs he trains this way. I will let u know how it goes! Hope not to take so long next time to post! LOL!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rollin' On Into October

Things continue to busy around here. Bowling and football. Thats our lives lately! Hayden got an award for bowling a 200pt 3 game series. He got to put it on his brand new bowling shoes.
Hayden and Shawn doing there usual fall planting. This is there favorite thing to do together.

Zach's team keeps rolling on. They beat Plainview 12-8 last Tuesday. Would have been more but our offense had some miscues. Defense was stellar except giving up the 2 pt conversion after Plainviews pick 6. Big game this week coming up against Canyon. Good luck Tigers!

Friday, October 2, 2009

September Ups and Downs

Being September, it has been all about bowling and football in my house. Hayden's bowling league is off and running. He got new bowling shoes and a bag yesterday. He is ready to bowl both sessions and then go bowl in the State tourney in June.

Zach has been busy on the football field. His team is 2-1-1. Not too bad. He is enjoying it and hopes all his teammates grades keep them on the field.

The downs this month have been the motorcycle accident involving our friend, Toby Wimberley almost 2 weeks ago. I think we are past the life and death thing for now but he has a long, long road to recovery.
Shawn suffered a loss of a co-worker yesterday. "Big Steve" West died from head injuries that he suffered at work last week. He was just a 20 yr-old kid that loved to talk football. My thoughts are with his mom today. Hayden's styling bag!
He is so glad he doesn't have to use the bowling alleys shoes now

Zach took care of #24 in red on both offense and defense.

Zach on back-to-back plays!

Monday, August 31, 2009

August Is A Wrap

Ok, I guess I will get August caught up for you guys. I have been very lazy lately in getting this done. Now maybe my ears will quit burning! This post will make more sense if you start from the bottom and come up. This is a picture of Zach from last football season. His 7th grade season starts a week from tomorrow. We can't wait. I got an exciting call from him after school this afternoon that went something like this: "Mom, did u see any of my practice this morning?". " No, Zach, I was tired after work and went to bed.". " We had first day of pads and I was lighting kids UP!". "Did the coaches say anything to you?". "No, they all just had a look of shock on their faces!". I love, love to watch this kid play football. It is just amazes me. So ready to see the first game. For all you non-facebook folks, I will post a schedule on here soon. Those that are not on FB, get on FB. It is an awesome tool to keep up with folks. It is the grown up Myspace. Check it out!
Aug 24th: Kids first day of school. Don't they look excited? Zach with a cheesy smile and Hayden with his eyes closed. 1st week went off without a hitch. Hope the rest of the year is that way!

Aug 22nd: Zach's last summer workout with Shawn. He hated it at the time but now that football has started, he is really glad he did it!

Aug 21st: Zach's last baseball game. It didn't end like we wanted it to but at least Nanny Sue got to come watch him play!

Aug 15th: Our sweet Hayden celebrated his 9th birthday. He is one of the most sincere, genuine kiddos I know. Can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hand Therapist Rock!

Aug. 5th: Meet Mack and Carin. They are hand therapist that have done an awesome job with Hayden's hand therapy. Mack is one of the funniest guys you will meet that knows all about hands. Carin is so sweet and did an awesome job working with Hayden, always keeping him smiling even when he didn't want to. Thanks guys for your hard work. PS- Tell Johnny he missed his photo op! LOL! Carin, Hayden and Mack today on Hayden's last day of therapy as long as he behaves! Two of the most genuine folks you will ever meet!
They got Hayden's hand from this............

............To this. Thanks again guys!

July '09 Storm

July 30: I love rain but I can do without the wind. This is what we woke up to last Thursday morning. What a pain. Shawn had already taken the day off but little did he know what he would be doing all morning. Our fence almost down!
Shawn and our next door neighbor, Zach discussing their plan.

Shawn and Zach working hard.

The finished product!

2009 THF Outfitters Yuck Night

July 29th: The Heights Fellowship youth group, The Outfitters, had their annual Yuck Night. This year our youth pastor, Jason, came up with the bright idea of dividing the youth into two teams and adding a team of adults. One good thing about having mono, I didn't have to compete! Here are a few pics from that night. I think they all had a good time! Cardenas and his crazy self making his nice new hat!
Zach is not so amused by all the action.

Zach and Hayden with the flour panty hose game. This is the only one Hayden will do, but he loves it.

Zach's buddy, also named Zach, got the raw end of the deal during the egg toss!

By far my favorite game to watch. The blowing of CoCo puffs out of the nose onto the whipped creamed head of one of your teammates. It was so funny.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outlaws 3-0 Start!!!

Shawn's dad, Gary, surprised us by riding up on his motorcycle to come watch Zach's game Sunday afternoon. It was a nice surprise and Zach's team did not disappoint. The Outlaw's have started the summer league season being 3-0 and by run-ruling each team. So glad he got picked up on this team and now we at least know what team he will be on next spring.

We have been trying to enjoy what is left of the summer before school starts and we are running crazy since Zach will be playing 7th grade football this year. He is so ready. Hayden's hand is doing well. We are continuing with some hand therapy which should wrap up in a couple of weeks. I have been fighting a horrible case of strep which then we discovered I also have mono! Crazy I tell ya. Hope to return to work next week. Catch you all later!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Outlaw's Baseball--Let's Get Rollin'

Zach's new team, the Outlaw's. Welcome to a really hot Saturday practice. 1st game this coming Monday. Really, really good team. Zach has discovered he needed to step it up a notch for this team and he is doing well. U can tell its hot, check out how red Zach's cheeks r!
Showing off the fielding skills.

He is hitting the best I have ever seen him hit!

More hitting.

The team was divided into teams of three. Zach's threesome made up of Zach, Ricky and Taylor defeated the other 2 teams. It was alot of fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Month of June

It has just been over a month since I have been on here. I almost forgot my password to get on, oops! There has been lots of things going on since I last posted and I have been a loser for not getting it done. Regular season baseball ended and now Zach is getting ready for Summer League with another team. They will be called the Outlaws. Zach is really excited about this team. They should do really well.

The Heights had VBS the last week of June. It was lots of fun. On that Friday, Hayden had surgery on his hand to have a neuroma removed. It is all part of his NF Type 1. He was determined not to miss the last night of VBS so off he went in an arm sling with ice on his hand. He did well. This coming Tuesday he will have his stitches out finally.

It has been blazing hot here. A cozy 100+ for the past week. I guess I shouldn't have been complaining about the cold weather we had in the middle of May. I guess that is all for now. Here are a few pictures from the past month. I will try to be more disciplined about posting here. I really need to stay off Face Book! LOL! Shawn mowing Friday. It was so stinking hot!
Hayden July 4th. It was hot that night too! He is getting tired of me taking his picture so much!

Hayden's hand 4 days post surgery. He ended up with 8 stitches. Ready for those babies to come out!

Our children's minister, Mika, after getting a pie to the face the last night of VBS. Our pastor, Mike, had gotten one just moments earlier. It was really funny.

Hayden at VBS the evening after surgery. He wasn't missing the pie action! If u noticed not many pics of Zach. He has been the social bug this summer. Time for him to slow down for the rest of the summer so he can get ready for school and football! Can't wait!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Know, Where Have I Been

Well guys sorry I have been away for awhile. With school ending, baseball, getting Zach off to camp, work and having a sickly child for the past week, I just haven't been into getting this done. Now that we have a little break from baseball and Hayden is feeling better, maybe I will do better. Not making any promises, but I will try! Here are a few post from the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, more to come.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Swim Day

June 5th: Took Hayden swimming at Seahorse. He loves going here. It can get a little crowded at times but it is just right for him. I like sitting in the shade with a good book while he has some fun. Waiting patiently in line for his turn on the slide.

Ready to slide down

Off he goes. We spent 3 hours out here that day and he enjoyed every minute of it.

Chillin' In The Backyard

June 2nd: With Zach gone to camp, Shawn and I were able to give Hayden all the attention he wanted. We hung out in the backyard with our dogs on this Saturday night. It was very nice and the mosquitoes hadn't arrived yet. Shawn and Yogi. They have a special bond. Yogi is so sweet.

Raisin is the queen of the backyard. She is the Alpha Dog and she loves to get in our laps and look down at Yogi.

Raisin and Hayden. These two just love to play with each other. They have lots of fun.

Hayden after taking a big drink of some water. He is just the cutest kid!

Off To Youth Camp

June 1st: Even though Zach was going to have to miss a baseball game but we decided that this kid needed some time away and what better place to go than youth camp. Here is Zach in the Whataburger drive-thru before I went to drop him off. He was ready to go. Luggage lining the wall. The scene outside the church as kids arrived. Our youth went to Bonita Park, NM. It was an awesome camp with several students making decisions to accept Christ as their Savior and several others making decisions of going into ministry. Way to go THF Outfitters for being an awesome youth group.

Shawn's Big 38

May 28th: This was Shawn's 38th birthday. I picked Hayden up from school a little early so that we could go get Shawn's birthday present and cake. We had to go to 2 different Wal-Mart's to find a cake. Top priority on Hayden's list, it has to be chocolate.
Shawn had had a long day at work and was really tired but he was happy to see that his boys had this surprise for him. My three boys!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Monster Strikes Again

It is funny that writing this post has been on my mind for awhile for many reasons and then on Thursday night it really became evident to me why, maybe. The first thing I want to say is....Cancer Sucks!!! I know that is harsh, but it is the truth.

Between Shawn and I we have lost more than our fair share of loved ones to this horrible disease. I have lost my dad,John, in his early 60's to renal cell carcinoma and his dad to the same type of cancer in his late 50's. My sister. Melinda, died at the early age of 24 to leukemia and a brother-in-law, Steve, in his late 30's to liver cancer. My dad's sister, Frieda, died in her late 50's to esophageal cancer and my step-father, Jerry to melanoma in his 50's. I can't begin to tell you how many extended family members I also have lost to this monster. Shawn lost his mom in her 50's to multiple melanoma as well as 6 months prior to her, her mom died of the same thing.

In the past week or so, two sports figures are dealing with cancer also. Boston College stand-out linebacker, Mark Herzlich, was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma and pro golfer, Phil Mickelson's wife, Amy, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. However, on Thursday night a young sports guy caught my attention. One of Zach's teammates mom informed me that she had received a call about her 13 yr-old son, CP, from the doctor. It appears that he has a malignancy. She was just beside herself. She hasn't told him yet because his appointment with the doctor is not until next Thursday and she didn't want him to have to worry all week.

She was in such a struggle in trying to figure out how to even tell him. I have had lots of cancer experience but not with my own children and I hope that is a place I never have to go. I pray that she and her husband find a way to tell him and that CP is able to take in what is going on and deal with it. I pray that this cancer is contained into one place and that it responds to treatment. As I obtain more info and I know CP is aware of the situation, I will post more specific information. Please lift this family up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 136--The First Of Many, We Hope.

May 16th: Well, I think Zach is finally recovering from the broken thumb. He finally got what he wanted, a shot over the long fences. Saturday morning, first at bat, first pitch, he took one deep (about 320 or so before it landed) over the left field fence. I was so happy for him. It has been a long, frustrating season for him between the broken thumb, the ever continuing sore heel and a really, really young team. It was a good day for him, you can tell by the smile! Zach is all smiles!
Nice Ball

Hayden's self-pic at that mornings game. Notice all the clouds and the lights are on for Pete's sake at a day game in the middle of May. This has got to be the coldest baseball season ever.