Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 THF Outfitters Yuck Night

July 29th: The Heights Fellowship youth group, The Outfitters, had their annual Yuck Night. This year our youth pastor, Jason, came up with the bright idea of dividing the youth into two teams and adding a team of adults. One good thing about having mono, I didn't have to compete! Here are a few pics from that night. I think they all had a good time! Cardenas and his crazy self making his nice new hat!
Zach is not so amused by all the action.

Zach and Hayden with the flour panty hose game. This is the only one Hayden will do, but he loves it.

Zach's buddy, also named Zach, got the raw end of the deal during the egg toss!

By far my favorite game to watch. The blowing of CoCo puffs out of the nose onto the whipped creamed head of one of your teammates. It was so funny.

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