Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Month of June

It has just been over a month since I have been on here. I almost forgot my password to get on, oops! There has been lots of things going on since I last posted and I have been a loser for not getting it done. Regular season baseball ended and now Zach is getting ready for Summer League with another team. They will be called the Outlaws. Zach is really excited about this team. They should do really well.

The Heights had VBS the last week of June. It was lots of fun. On that Friday, Hayden had surgery on his hand to have a neuroma removed. It is all part of his NF Type 1. He was determined not to miss the last night of VBS so off he went in an arm sling with ice on his hand. He did well. This coming Tuesday he will have his stitches out finally.

It has been blazing hot here. A cozy 100+ for the past week. I guess I shouldn't have been complaining about the cold weather we had in the middle of May. I guess that is all for now. Here are a few pictures from the past month. I will try to be more disciplined about posting here. I really need to stay off Face Book! LOL! Shawn mowing Friday. It was so stinking hot!
Hayden July 4th. It was hot that night too! He is getting tired of me taking his picture so much!

Hayden's hand 4 days post surgery. He ended up with 8 stitches. Ready for those babies to come out!

Our children's minister, Mika, after getting a pie to the face the last night of VBS. Our pastor, Mike, had gotten one just moments earlier. It was really funny.

Hayden at VBS the evening after surgery. He wasn't missing the pie action! If u noticed not many pics of Zach. He has been the social bug this summer. Time for him to slow down for the rest of the summer so he can get ready for school and football! Can't wait!