Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do You Have Facebook?

I was all prepared to blog about something else today until I read a message I received on Facebook. It was from one of my childhood friends, Amber. We found each other on Facebook a few weeks ago as I have found several of my other childhood friends.
She had made a comment about being in the hospital with her mother and that things didn't look good. I left a message for her to find out what was wrong with her mother. I turns out that her mother is very ill with colon cancer according to the message I received today. This struck a cord with me.
In my primary school days, Amber and I were very good friends. We spent a large amount of time with each others families. Once in high school we grew apart as boys and activities drew us different directions. I really can't tell you when I saw her last. Maybe graduation, maybe our 10year class reunion, not sure. Even though it will soon be 20 years since we graduated from high school, receiving that message about her mom stirred some emotion in me. She sent her phone number to me and wants advice about what is going on with her mom. It is amazing after 20yrs, we still have a connection and concern for each other. I am also discovering this with many of my classmates. To think, even with all the evil that can go along with it, if not for Facebook, we would probably not have made the connection.