Friday, October 2, 2009

September Ups and Downs

Being September, it has been all about bowling and football in my house. Hayden's bowling league is off and running. He got new bowling shoes and a bag yesterday. He is ready to bowl both sessions and then go bowl in the State tourney in June.

Zach has been busy on the football field. His team is 2-1-1. Not too bad. He is enjoying it and hopes all his teammates grades keep them on the field.

The downs this month have been the motorcycle accident involving our friend, Toby Wimberley almost 2 weeks ago. I think we are past the life and death thing for now but he has a long, long road to recovery.
Shawn suffered a loss of a co-worker yesterday. "Big Steve" West died from head injuries that he suffered at work last week. He was just a 20 yr-old kid that loved to talk football. My thoughts are with his mom today. Hayden's styling bag!
He is so glad he doesn't have to use the bowling alleys shoes now

Zach took care of #24 in red on both offense and defense.

Zach on back-to-back plays!