Monday, June 2, 2008

Glorieta, NM or Bust

The great adventure of youth camp had an early morning start. Had Zach at The Heights by 7:30 this morning for the long haul to Glorieta, NM. He was so excited about getting to go although his biggest concern was having enough snacks and money in case he needed more food. He was very concerned about not eating.

I am so glad the Lord opened up doors that allowed for him to be able to go. Since our baseball team didn't make city tournament that commitment was taken care of. His school recommended that he attend summer school but it was not mandatory. I thanked them for their continued involvement in making sure he accels but I decided it was time for a break and he just needs to be a kid. This became very apparent to me after a comment Zach made last week to me. He said, "Mom, I am feeling very disconnected from Jesus. We have been so busy with baseball and I haven't been able to go to youth on Wednesday nights." I knew it was time for him to get back where he needed to be and camp was just the place.

Zach has such an awesome relationship with our youth pastor, JB, "The Bishop" and I am so thankful. God has that way of planting us around the people we need. JB makes our youth be accountable for their faith and helps them find their gifts in order to spread their faith. I am so thankful that we have The Bishop and his family in our lives. I has been such a blessing. So you guys enjoy the cool mountain air while we fry here in Lubbock.