Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy 13 Z-Man!!

Zach at a few months old. Who knew he would grown into the meat head he is today. He was a good baby. The only really hard times we had were the many nights sleeping in the recliner because he had such bad ear infections it hurt to much to lay flat. We survived to move onto new challenges.
This is Zach today. The Big 13. It is hard for me to believe he is officially a teenager today. It is a mixed emotion day for me. I am glad he has survived to this point, (LOL) and I miss those sweet times when as a little boy he held my hand and when I was pregnant with Hayden and had so much morning sickness all day, he would sit with me and brush my hair. I guess as a four year-old that was all he could do to try to make me feel better. However, it is a proud day for me too. I look at this boy in an almost man's body and see how he is conducting himself. Granted he has the teenage emotional, moodiness thing going, mostly around us, but at school, church and sports activities he is taking care of business. He is probably one of the most respected kids in those areas. I know I am his mom but other adults that deal with him on a day to day basis are always very complementary of him. He works hard at school even though he suffers with severe dyslexia. He tells me everyday that if Jesus comes today, he is ready to go but until then he will do his best to serve him in the right way. Then when it comes to sports, we know he does what he needs and sports make him very happy. So even though he is growing up and I know it won't be long until he is grown and gone, I have a peace that between God and us that maybe he will reach his full potential. Happy Birthday Z-man. We love you and cherish the young man you are becoming.