Friday, January 30, 2009

Anger turned Into Men of God

I had promised you guys about a neat experience that happened over the Christmas Holidays. I had put off posting this because I have been trying to find an old picture to post with it but I have not had any luck so I decided the story needs to be told even without the picture.

Alot of you know my husband Shawn. The big one with the big, red, scary beard. Sometimes I think his outward appearance scares people away from him. Shawn is not big on crowds or meeting new people so I think he likes that. This is not a new thing with him. Even in his high school days it was the same story. He had a classmate that was alot like him in the fact they were angry young men. His name was Rudy.

Shawn and Rudy played all the sports that Loraine High School had to offer at the time: football, basketball and track. The were very competitive with each other on and off the field. I'm not sure that they were that great of friends in high school because they were both too busy being angry youth.

These boys graduated nearly 20yrs ago and had not had much contact with each other since then until last year. Somehow, Shawn got Rudy's phone number, can't remember how. They began talking ever so often. They realized that both had gotten active in their churches and that they were both working on their anger.

Over the Christmas holidays they both discovered that they would be in the Colorado City area at the same time. They knew they wanted set-up some time to visit with one another. They met up at the Dairy Queen in C-City. They discussed many different things from kids, jobs, past transgressions against one another, the reasons for their anger and how they work on it daily but most importantly they discussed their faith and the relationship they had formed with Christ.

Who would have ever thought that these two angry, hometown sports heroes who could only show their anger and how "manly" they were in their youth, had become true men of God. Every time God does something it amazes me. I know I shouldn't be amazed because of how awesome He is but the work He has done in these two just blows me away.