Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out With The Old...

Shawn showing his shoveling skills
Hayden is such a good helper

Leaves in the yard are Shawn's
pet peeve

Zach's new school-
Terra Vista Middle School

Out with the old. Over the past week that has been our theme. After much prayer and debate the decision was made to change Zach's school. He was checked out of the neighboring district on Friday and we checked him into Frenship Terra Vista on Monday morning. For his electives he signed up for Art, Pre-Athletics and he is repeating the dyslexia program. All of the staff was very helpful in getting him enrolled and helping with his special-ed needs. The also run on a block schedule so the only classes he has everyday is math and athletics. He likes this. So far so good so lets hope it continues that way.
Shawn and Hayden took the time to clean up the front and back yards this past Saturday. It was such a nice day. The air that day was a little cool but the sun made it feel so good outside. They got all the leaves cleaned out of the front flower bed and planted some new pansies. It was a good day until Shawn's back began to hurt again which has made this week an adventure. More on that later.