Thursday, July 31, 2008

Battle Scars of Youth: lessons learned

Beware of the microwavable raviolis. We found that out late this past Saturday night. Zach had his first baseball game of this second season and we didn't get home until late. I put some hotdogs on to cook and we went outside to sit, unwind and discuss the first win of the season (check out Lubbock Grays blog). Unbeknownst to us our very independent, hard-headed, soon to be 8-yr-old decided that he didn't want to wait on the hotdogs and opted to cook the raviolis.

Shawn happened to walk in the house shortly after the "accident" occurred. It appears that Hayden had decided to get the raviolis out of the microwave himself and spilt them on himself. Immediately we had his hand under the running water when I realized he had spilt it on his feet as well. Off to the bathtub we went. In the end I realized his feet were ok. The part that took the brunt of it all was the left thumb. It was really red with no blisters, so being a nurse I covered it in aloe and dressed it in gauze for the night.

The next morning before church the thumb appeared the same, no blisters. It was not until late Sunday evening that the blisters appeared. I took him in to one of our pediatricians partners the next day. I have know her since she was a lowly medical student back in the day. She told me many years ago that burns to kids on their hands and feet were an automatic admission to the burn unit. She said silvadine cream should do the trick and told Hayden his masterpiece of microwavable raviolis was no more.

Thank God that it turned out to be a minor thing that could have been major. Watch out for the raviolis.