Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Best Youth Sports Program

I would like to give props to probably the best youth sports organization we have ever been involved with and trust me, we have been involved with many. Frenship Youth Football is only in their second year but this group of board members along with Frenship High football coach, Brad Davis, have put together a top-notch organization.
This league is patterned after the Southlake Carroll youth football program. There are 4 different age groups. All teams are Frenship Tigers they just have a color assigned to them, example: we are the Tiger Black team. All players must live within the Frenship school district lines. A simplified version of the high school playbook is used so that these kiddos can learn the terminology that they will hear once they hit 7th grade. This will do nothing but strenghten the already strong Frenship football program.
The leadership of the board is outstanding. Unlike other leagues in Lubbock, the board is approachable and they don't rule the league like Nazi's. The atmosphere is very positive and you see the kids flourish under this type of structure. This is a big thanks to this league for making Zach's last year of youth football a great, positive experience.
Our team finished the regular season in 1st place with a record of 5-1. Our playoff game is this Sunday and if we win we will play in the Tiger Bowl next Sunday. I believe we can take it all.(Promise to get some pics up next week)