Monday, August 25, 2008

Last weekend of Summer, 1st Day of School

Well, we finally had the last day of fall baseball. We didn't have alot of wins but I feel that some of the boys that wanted to learn the game did. Now that we are done with that it is time to turn our focus on football and school. Just more busy days, Whew!
Had a busy morning. Worked last night until 1130, came home got to bed @ 100 then up by 530 to get ready to get Shawn to the surgi-center. Left him there and ran back home to get the boys to school. I was very proud of them, they were up and ready to go for me. Drove them to Shallowater and then back to town. Made back just in time to see Shawn before he went in to get his umbilical hernia repaired. He was pretty loopy from the Versed and just being a comedian for everyone. The surgery only lasted about 20min. Recovered for about an hour and got him home. He is taking a nap now.
Ready to go get the boys later to see how the day went. Zach in middle school, scary thought. He was excited that he had band 1st period instead of a regular class. Hayden didn't even want me to walk him in this morning. He is growing up so fast and is so sure of himself. I will let you know how it went.