Monday, September 29, 2008


Those of you who have read my blog often know about the academic struggles of my oldest son. Zach is a severe dyslexic that struggles daily with reading and math. We managed to get through the TAKS hell of last year just to move in the uncertain world of junior high (we all remember those horrific days).

The year started promising enough. Zach finally got the amount of homework under control and has some decent grades going for this six weeks. However, last week he got his big first disappointment of the year. After a reading screen the school does, Zach did not score as well as they would have like, tell us something new(this is not our first rodeo). The school decided that he would have to take a reading intervention class. Zach is ok with having to do this but what he is not ok with is that he had to be taken out of band to do it. This pretty much devastated him. He really liked band. Zach realizes he is different then other kids. His disability can not be seen by looking at him. Trust me, he knows he is different.

When Zach was younger it was a little easier to reason with him. Now that he is almost a teenager, man he is angry about this. We have discussed how it is just how he was made. That we just have to work through it. He questions why he was made this way even though he will tell you he knows this is his testimony but he said he just doesn't know how it will all come together for him. He has told me a number of times that he would trade all the athletic ability that he has been blessed with just to be able to read well. That is a huge statement coming from a soon to be teen boy in this crazy for Friday night football state of Texas.

I know in the end it will all work out for him. It is just hard as a mom to see him struggle through it but having the understanding that he has to face this struggle and overcome it. Even though I can help and pray him along the way, this is his fight he has to face and win. I know I won't always be there to help.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SYATP 2008

This morning was the annual time for See Ya At The Pole. A grassroots movement of America's youth coming together at their school's flag pole to pray.
Zach has been ready for this for weeks. I worked last night but I have some wonderful co-workers who allowed me to leave a little early so that I could get him to Shallowater for the 7am gathering. (Thanks ladies).
It was great to see so many teenagers taking control of their salvation for their generation. It was encouraging to see so many adults there to support them. Zach and I discussed the presence of God there but we also felt Satan was doing his best to throw some kinks in. There were giant mosquitoes that I am sure could eat a small child all over. However these young people stood firm in their convictions.
I have such hope for this generation rising to the occasion in bringing the following of Christ to the forefront of society. Stay strong in your convictions and faith and thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

100 Year Flood

The 100 year flood Lubbock experienced last week was impressive. Luckily I didn't really have to get out in it on the initial day. However last Friday I did attempt the Wal-Mart on 4th street knowing even before I got there that it would have some water issues. It has always, even from the beginning.
This particular Wal-Mart was built on the former Treasure Island golf course. It was a great little 9 hole, par 3 course with lots of trees. It was much more appealing to the eye than Wal-mart is but I guess that is growth. This Wal-Mart was built when I was pregnant with Zach. The first big rain we had after it was built, before it even opened, the store flooded. Not just the parking lot but the whole store. Flooding will always be a problem in this spot and I always wonder how much money is washed away for Wal-Mart since there is such little parking available during these times. Not that they can't afford it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept. 11th--Mixed Emotions

These flags are placed every September at Kastman Park here in Lubbock by Murfee Elementary students. I know it is only a small gesture but I am glad that American State Bank makes it a point to do this each year in remembrance of the 9-11 victims. These flags are an awesome site as you drive along South Loop 289 in Lubbock. It is a beautiful site but then you remember that each one of those flags stands for a lost life and it is very humbling.
I remember the initial Sept. 11th. As I took Zach to kindergarten there was the report of the 1st plane hitting the World Trade Center. I thought to myself, " I guess some small plane must have had some mechanical problem." Then I got back home just in time for the 2nd plane. I was then mesmerized in front of the television just trying to make sense of what was going on. Then in late morning I get a call from Shawn, "Hmm, Happy Birthday" in an unsure voice. Yes, everyone, my birthday is Sept. 11th. The rest of the day, as well as the next several weeks was spent in front of the television with the rest of American trying to make heads and tails of it all.
As the years have passed, I have received unusual responses when others find out it is my birthday. Most of the time the response is, "Oh, I'm sorry" or "What a day to have a birthday." I guess for the first couple of years these responses bothered me. But now my response is that it was my birthday long before it was a national tragedy and to be honest even though my birthday is know as one of the worst days in American history, I look at it as a privilege to share that day with such people who gave their lives.
As this day continues please remember and pray for our troops as they do the duty they need to do for our country and show respect to those families who have lost loves ones. Never forget what they have done for us.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Who Will You Vote For?

You will be pleased to know that I am not a huge political person. Politics is usually something I don't venture into. However, in this political season I have had a heavy heart. There are so many things that I have concerns about. I was actually at the point of thinking not to vote at all.

Society spends so much time trying to make a big deal about separation of church and state. I can understand that to some extent. However, it dawned on me, you can have separation of church and state but you cannot have separation of God and state. That is what this country was founded on. With this thought, I decided that I had to turn this over to Him and have him guide the choice I make.

After all, God is the maker of all this. We are just players in it. During this presidential election we must ask ourselves, "Who are the players and who are the pretenders?" Trust me, there is both in this election. So what I ask dear ones, be wise in your decision making. Know the game, know the players and where they stand. Figure out who is for real and who those pretenders are. Stay strong my friends!