Monday, September 29, 2008


Those of you who have read my blog often know about the academic struggles of my oldest son. Zach is a severe dyslexic that struggles daily with reading and math. We managed to get through the TAKS hell of last year just to move in the uncertain world of junior high (we all remember those horrific days).

The year started promising enough. Zach finally got the amount of homework under control and has some decent grades going for this six weeks. However, last week he got his big first disappointment of the year. After a reading screen the school does, Zach did not score as well as they would have like, tell us something new(this is not our first rodeo). The school decided that he would have to take a reading intervention class. Zach is ok with having to do this but what he is not ok with is that he had to be taken out of band to do it. This pretty much devastated him. He really liked band. Zach realizes he is different then other kids. His disability can not be seen by looking at him. Trust me, he knows he is different.

When Zach was younger it was a little easier to reason with him. Now that he is almost a teenager, man he is angry about this. We have discussed how it is just how he was made. That we just have to work through it. He questions why he was made this way even though he will tell you he knows this is his testimony but he said he just doesn't know how it will all come together for him. He has told me a number of times that he would trade all the athletic ability that he has been blessed with just to be able to read well. That is a huge statement coming from a soon to be teen boy in this crazy for Friday night football state of Texas.

I know in the end it will all work out for him. It is just hard as a mom to see him struggle through it but having the understanding that he has to face this struggle and overcome it. Even though I can help and pray him along the way, this is his fight he has to face and win. I know I won't always be there to help.


darla said...

i know how hard it is for kids to struggle, i've watched mine and it's not fun. i'll be praying for Zach. God's strength is made perfect in our weakness.

What's next said...

I am sorry he has to miss out on band... I will pray for him. I remember all too well how bad middle school can be!

In_spired said...

Neecie, the picture tells the whole story of Zach's disappointment. It brings tears.

In teaching, I've seen so many kids with the same problem and many were victorious. You know that we'll be praying for Zach throughout the year.

Homer and I both taught Willie Jennings in Lfd., nephew of Waylon. He went through bad times in school but was victorious. He still lives in Lfd and is doing well.

I'm also praying that "the system" will change and be more in favor of these kids!! Keep loving and encouraging...