Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Shawn!!

He would do it, believe me.

Today is my hubby's 37th birthday. It is hard to believe we have been together since he was 20. I must like him or something. We are finally the same age again. He always reminds me that we are only the same age from May to Sept when I turn a year older. Just wanted to let him know how much I do love him and I hope this is a great day for him. Love ya Shawn!

Memorial Day 2008

Even though I worked Sunday night and got about 1and a half of sleep, we headed out to take the boys fishing Monday. Sadly enough, Zach has fished many times, but as he got older and more involved with sports our fishing time did not exist. The biggest causality of this became Hayden.
Hayden had not been fishing since he was very small and does not even remember it. So, Shawn and I decided it was time for him to get started. We just ventured to one of the "lovely" playa lakes in town. Next thing we know he is catching fish like crazy. He got the nickname "The Fish Whisperer". Zach and Shawn finally started catching some. The final score: Hayden 4, Shawn 3, and Zach 4 plus a turtle catch. We really enjoy our time fishing and have made plans to go somewhere that there would be bigger fish we could keep and cook.(Here are a few pictures. Hope you enjoy them.)

Even though we had a great time fishing we also discussed the reason we celebrate Memorial Day. We discussed with the boys who in our family have served in the military. Great-grandfathers and great uncles that served in WWII , those that served in between wars like my dad, John, and Shawn's dad, Gary, that served in Vietnam. We also discussed those serving now and how different war is now. We remembered a brother of one of Zach's classmates that lost his life just before Christmas in a fire-fight in Iraq. Discussed with the boys the importance to remember these soldiers in their prayers. This was a wonderful day in our family's life. During this good time my thoughts come back to the Thompson family.

Trey and Tyler are having some set-backs. Please keep them in your prayers. They really need it.