Monday, July 14, 2008

Notre Dame to Ratatoullie

I have good news in the house. Shawn finally got his steroid injections for his back on Thursday. He feels that his back is much better. He had taken all of last week off before his procedure to paint Zach's room.

I guess I am the one to blame for Zach's love of Notre Dame. I became a big fan in the 80's and even though they have had some rough years of late, I still love this team. I know alot of it is the tradition of the school and part of it is living in Texas, it drives people crazy that I like them. It is what makes college sports so much fun. Zach has the dream of playing for the Fightin' Irish someday. I hope his dream comes true. We plan to send him to football camp there in a couple of years.

Now to the rat. I promise yesterday we did not have a plan of purchasing a rat. We took Hayden to PetsMart to see the kittens. He wants one soooooo bad. He wants something he can hold but we explained to him that kittens are not that way and then they turn into big cats. We were looking at hamsters when the lady working there started telling us about rats. They don't bite, they learn their name, they use a litter box, and you can train them to do tricks. Well, meet Pyxie. She is a hoot. I never thought I would like a rat but she already responds to her name and see makes noises back to you when you speak to her. We will keep you informed on the Pyxie adventure.