Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 96(46) Me and Raisin

April 4th: Saturday afternoon. My little Raisin keeping watch over me. Yes, that is me crashed out on the couch. I had worked the night before and was not feeling well at all. After I got off work, I took Zach to his teams 8am game and then I came home and crashed out. I think the house could have burned down around me and I would have never known.

Day 95(45) The Pink Was Just Too Much!

April 3rd: When I walked into work this was the bright, pink patient board that greeted me. It was way too much. I already was starting not to feel well. My other co-workers agreed it was way to bright. My great friend Jenny decided to assist in making a change in the board.
Hear is the nice, soothing, gray tape we agreed on to replace the awful pink. It is much easier on the eye!

Day 94(44) March of Dimes

April 2nd: Some of my great co-workers worked a bake sale as a way to raise money for the March of Dimes from our antepartum unit. Here is my attempt at more cupcakes. Our unit did an awesome job and raised over 900.00 dollars.

Day 93(43) For Darla

April 1st: Not an April Fools Joke Darla, I actually made cupcakes for the boys. They loved them>