Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Radio Ministry

A large part of our family life is the alternative christian music we have discovered. Air 1 radio station has become as much as part of our lives as breathing. Some people will argue that what you watch and what you hear do not effect you and I used to believe that myself. However, I am here to tell you it does make a difference.
I have always been a classic rock person and my husband has always, always has been outlaw country. When I first discovered this station he would grumble about listening to it. Then unknown to me he began listening to it at work. He told me he had become less stressed and he no longer had the road rage he had before. I know it sounds crazy but this radio ministry has changed our lives. We have 2 local stations here in Lubbock, 94.1 and 107.3. To see if there is a broadcast near you go to http://www.air1.com/ and click on stations. They are all over the US. You can also listen to the broadcast via your computer. Give a try, you might be surprised how it can touch your life.