Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who Knew?

Today is a new day. I can honestly say I did some soul searching yesterday and today there is a new take on things. I think I was in a hole for the past couple of weeks and I couldn't really figure out why and then I got a knock in the head from Him and it became alot more clear. Sometimes I can be hard headed and miss all the subtle signs I get.

When my husband and I took on the adventure of coaching a baseball team from the opposite side of town, I had no idea how our lives would change. I wish I could say that it was as simple as coaching these kids a couple of times a week and move on but in reality that is not the case. I began to realize that these boys have such adult problems and they had began to turn to us with these issues. I know I was beginning to carry some burden for these boys and was feeling bogged down by it. It is very hard not to get emotionally engaged by these boys because you realize that you have become their support system. I have never been involved with anything pertaining to kids, that I have seen such little parental involvement.

My husband and I coach this team ourselves with no other help. We have had 1 dad help out at about 5 practices and that is it. Most of the parents do not bring or pick up their kids from practice or games. They either walk or we pick them up. There are a total of 4 parents that even show up at games. It just blows my son's mind that these parents are not involved. He told me how hurt he would be if we were not involved with what he does. This has been a big eye opener for him as well as us.

After some soul searching, I've realized that God has put us on this unique walk for a reason. Shawn and I have talked about doing mission work once our boys got older. We really did not have an interest of going to other countries for this. We have always felt that there is more than enough work needed here in the US. We have always had the interest of going to the inner city like Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans or even Dallas to do this work. How did we know that that was not God's plan for us for now. Who knew that we would find our mission work in our own town. Now that I look back I know this has been the plan. God planted us at THF a year ago and surrounded us with the spiritual support we needed, (thanks M2 and The Bishop) in order to move us to this mission. I know He will continue to give us the tools to continue forward on this journey as long as we continue to trust Him.