Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 89(39) Lets Hope Its Not Broke

March 28th: Zach had a 4:oo game today in the nice, cold wind. During the 2nd inning Zach tagged a kid out at 3rd to make the 3rd out. After the play he took his glove off and showed the umpire. The umpired called the coaches over. At first I thought he got cleated, if only we were so lucky. The coach held up his hand and is left thumb was sticking way out the side in not a normal position, he had a dislocation. The coach got it put back into place. Zach was up to bat and went out to bat. The umpire couldn't believe it. He said Zach was tough. Unfortunately he couldn't grip the bat and had to bunt getting thrown out at 1st. That was all of his playing for the day. The 3rd base umpire told us he thought he was going to pass out when he saw Zach's thumb. We plan on getting an X-ray in the morning at urgent care. I will let you know.