Monday, August 31, 2009

August Is A Wrap

Ok, I guess I will get August caught up for you guys. I have been very lazy lately in getting this done. Now maybe my ears will quit burning! This post will make more sense if you start from the bottom and come up. This is a picture of Zach from last football season. His 7th grade season starts a week from tomorrow. We can't wait. I got an exciting call from him after school this afternoon that went something like this: "Mom, did u see any of my practice this morning?". " No, Zach, I was tired after work and went to bed.". " We had first day of pads and I was lighting kids UP!". "Did the coaches say anything to you?". "No, they all just had a look of shock on their faces!". I love, love to watch this kid play football. It is just amazes me. So ready to see the first game. For all you non-facebook folks, I will post a schedule on here soon. Those that are not on FB, get on FB. It is an awesome tool to keep up with folks. It is the grown up Myspace. Check it out!
Aug 24th: Kids first day of school. Don't they look excited? Zach with a cheesy smile and Hayden with his eyes closed. 1st week went off without a hitch. Hope the rest of the year is that way!

Aug 22nd: Zach's last summer workout with Shawn. He hated it at the time but now that football has started, he is really glad he did it!

Aug 21st: Zach's last baseball game. It didn't end like we wanted it to but at least Nanny Sue got to come watch him play!

Aug 15th: Our sweet Hayden celebrated his 9th birthday. He is one of the most sincere, genuine kiddos I know. Can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hand Therapist Rock!

Aug. 5th: Meet Mack and Carin. They are hand therapist that have done an awesome job with Hayden's hand therapy. Mack is one of the funniest guys you will meet that knows all about hands. Carin is so sweet and did an awesome job working with Hayden, always keeping him smiling even when he didn't want to. Thanks guys for your hard work. PS- Tell Johnny he missed his photo op! LOL! Carin, Hayden and Mack today on Hayden's last day of therapy as long as he behaves! Two of the most genuine folks you will ever meet!
They got Hayden's hand from this............

............To this. Thanks again guys!

July '09 Storm

July 30: I love rain but I can do without the wind. This is what we woke up to last Thursday morning. What a pain. Shawn had already taken the day off but little did he know what he would be doing all morning. Our fence almost down!
Shawn and our next door neighbor, Zach discussing their plan.

Shawn and Zach working hard.

The finished product!

2009 THF Outfitters Yuck Night

July 29th: The Heights Fellowship youth group, The Outfitters, had their annual Yuck Night. This year our youth pastor, Jason, came up with the bright idea of dividing the youth into two teams and adding a team of adults. One good thing about having mono, I didn't have to compete! Here are a few pics from that night. I think they all had a good time! Cardenas and his crazy self making his nice new hat!
Zach is not so amused by all the action.

Zach and Hayden with the flour panty hose game. This is the only one Hayden will do, but he loves it.

Zach's buddy, also named Zach, got the raw end of the deal during the egg toss!

By far my favorite game to watch. The blowing of CoCo puffs out of the nose onto the whipped creamed head of one of your teammates. It was so funny.