Friday, June 27, 2008

Here's To The Underdog

Well, I actually had Wednesday night off so that I got to watch the final game of the College World Series. I am proud to say the underdog won even if they are a bunch of California boys. (Just Kidding). It was an awesome run for the Fresno State Bulldogs. They were the underdogs the whole tournament. For a team that had to win their conference tournament to even get a bid into the NCAA tournament and then come away the National Champions is just amazing. They are the lowest seeded team to ever when a National Championship.

I will say this years tournament was one of the best I had seen in a long time. It always kept you guessing because teams that were supposed to win didn't and the others that were supposed to be 2 and out hung in there to win it all. Now it is withdrawal time until college football starts and let me tell ya, I can't wait.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jock Ministry

God amazes me everyday when I see how he is working in my children. My oldest son is one of those that wants to give the appearance to others that his is tough and he will give the impression that he doesn't think about much else than sports. However God has worked on his heart so much I am here to tell you he is always thinking about others feelings and the situations they may be in.
When there is youth that may be having problems or are in some trouble he gets so worried. Yesterday he wanted me to call one individual to make sure they were okay. He just wants other kids to experience his youth group, his church and his God. God has made my child complete and that brings me so much happiness. I know he will continue to touch individuals. He said, "Mom, I am using sports as my ministry. I think I can reach others by my actions and by sharing Jesus through my sports." Pretty deep thoughts for a 12yr-old jock.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Train Wreck

Do you have loved ones that continue to make the same mistakes over and over and no matter what you do or say will change the situation? I have been faced with that situation yet again today. It is like watching a train wreck from a distance and it is all going in slow motion. I have such high hopes for this individual yet when placed back in his old life he has continued with his old ways.

I so much just want to pick him up and run with him to try to find a new path but I realize it is not me that can do that. It has to be him and he has to find his way through Christ. As Beth Moore puts in her latest book, "Get out of that Pit," she states, "People can help us but they can't heal us. People can lift us but they can't carry us. On occasion people can pull us out of a pit, but they cannot keep us out. Nor can they set our feet upon a rock. When we come out of a pit, if our idea of stability is standing on another human's shoulders, his clay feet will inevitably crumble and we'll take a tumble. The job's too big for him." Beth has made me realize that I can be there to help my loved one along but ultimately it is going to have to come down to he and God. As Beth puts it, "Only God can hang with us through the length and depth of our need. And the length and depth of our baloney. Maybe I'm just talking about myself, but whether or not I realized it, I usually found a way to frame my pit to make me look like a victim. Not only is God omniscient, His Word is "sharper than any double-edged sword" cutting our baloney so thin He can see straight through it. He knows when we're kidding others. He knows when we are kidding ourselves. Knowing all we are, all we feel, and all we hide, God overflows with love and willingness to deliver us.

So as I set out on this new adventure of trying to be patient and not trying to fix my loved one but help guide him, give us a quick prayer because we are going to need it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

College World Series Time

It is no seceret that I am a huge college sports fan. I have two favorite times of year, first, college football opening day. Then I spend a couple of months watching college basketball although it is not my favorite it gets me through until college baseball kicks in. Since college baseball doesn't get alot of play time during regular season, the beginning play of the regionals makes our house come alive. For the past couple of weeks we have been glued to ESPN to watch the regionals then super regionals and finally here we are: College World Series time.
This is something my family really loves to watch together. I hope one day that our family will be able to make the trek to Omaha, Neb to see it in person. (maybe Zach will play in it, don't we wish). I am not quite sure who will be the champion this year. I don't feel that there is one clear, cut winner. That is why I love baseball so much, it can seem that a team is completely out of a game and it can take just a 1/2 inning to change things. You can never really count anyone out.
You have heard me refer to baseball as God's game. I know there are those that would argue, I'm sure. Baseball can be like our relationship with Jesus. Sometimes we can be down trodden but it can just that 1/2 inning for Jesus to turn us around and lead us to victory. Baseball is alot how I picture God, fast, strong, exciting, full of energy but in turn can be peaceful, serene and graceful. I know some will disagree with my comparison but I see God at the baseball park all the time. Try it yourself sometime, go to a little league baseball game and take it all in. Granted, there is usually some ugliness but the beauty of it all shines through.
"And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord." Ezekiel 38:23

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Probably won't have a lot of time to blog this week. Between work, trying to fundraise for baseball uniforms, and having boys at home for the summer-- my schedule is full. We have had the task of fundraising for the All-Select baseball team's uniforms placed upon us. This is an adventure in today's economy. Wish me luck and I will be back as soon as I can. Thanks to those of you have donated. You are all great.

PS----I ran across this blog and thought some of you might find it interesting. Just to prepare you, it does have some colorful language in it, but once you get there you may understand why. The site is .

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Real Reason for Youth Camp

Pastor Mike preparing for baptisms
The crowd waiting in anticipation
One of many youth baptisms The Bishop performed
Zach congratulating his friend "J" on his baptism
The THF youth returned from Glorieta, NM on Friday night a little sunburned, bruises from paintball and just really exhausted but none were the worse for the wear. They had a great time meeting new people and doing all the activities that are available, however something more happened during that week.
There were 7 of our youth saved and 5 more decided to be baptized in obedience to Him. Out of the 22 youth we took this 12 made their decision as well as many of the remaining youth made decisions in how they would follow Christ. From what I could tell this morning, it seemed our youth had grown closer together than they were before they left. Zach seems much more confident being around them even though he is the youngest of the group. The high school boys have seemed to take him in and treat him as an equal. One in particular, "J" and Zach have seemed to form a big brother, little brother bond. I think this is great for both of them.
God did some awesome things among our youth this week. I think it has moved them in a great direction. I hope more adults become motivated and inspired by them. Special thanks to the Bishops and all the other sponsors for helping in the guidance of our youth.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

May may be gone, but NF awareness is not

One of my favorite things about the last week of school is all the fun and activities they have planned for the kids. One of the things Hayden had during in his last week was Buddy Day. It is such a great time for the kids. As I have taken the time to look back through these pictures I realize how much Hayden is growing up and how pleased we are at the young man he is becoming. I will be honest, when he was very little I was very concerned what his future would be like.

At nine-months-old we received the diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis Type-I for Hayden. When our pediatrician began telling me the possible things he could suffer from, once he got to seizure disorder, I didn't hear much else. We had all the testing done, MRI, hearing test, etc. Then we made the trek to Houston to an NF clinic @ MD Anderson. The head of the NF Clinic, Dr. John Slopis, put our mind at ease. Although during the year that Hayden was 2-3 years we had to go to Houston for MRI'S every 6 months due to a fear of him obtaining an optic glioma(which he ended up not having) his life has been good. When he was younger he walked with a limp and went through ECI Debt program to help him with motor skills and speech. We were concerned that he might have alot of difficulty as he grew. However through prayer and hard work Hayden is doing so well. We feel blessed at how well he is doing considering we know and have read about some individuals with NF that don't do well at all.

It gives my heart great joy when I see these pictures of him running, jumping and laughing because we never new if he would be able to do these things. The thing that gives me the most joy is that Hayden made the decision 2 wks ago that he wanted to become a follower of Christ. Our children's minister had some question if he really knew but after talking with him they have now doubt about his decision. This is what does a mom's heart good.

So although NF awareness month is over, don't forget about those that suffer from it and all the men and women that are investing time and money in the research for a cure. Bless all of them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


In the past I have written about trying to remain a Christian at work. It never ceases to amaze me how hard that can be sometimes. Working in the medical field and around lots of women you can only imagine the nit-picking, moaning and complaining that can occur. I have experienced it alot lately. There have been times it would be so easy for me to let my guard down and just ease into that destructive behavior. However, I have been blessed to have 2 individuals in my life that cause me to be my own accountability partner. They help me keep myself in check when you are standing all alone.

There have been times in my life I know that I did not betray myself as the Christian I claimed to be. In today's world, society tells us it is okay not to be held to these standards. Society tells us it is alright to just act the way we want with no consequences or strings attached. However, I have found myself when confronted by these negative powers around me, I have been able to take that step back and refrain from entertaining them. One thing The Bishop and M2 have taught me is that how I react to a situation is a reflection of my faith, my church family, and my God. The prayer, "Lord give me strength" really has meaning to me when I say it. I try to stop and listen to how He wants me to handle the situation.

I think that sometimes I become frustrated with those around me who claim to be a Christian yet they don't betray it in their actions and then I stop and think, "that used to be you stupid, you were the same way." So I hope that through my actions, I can also change the heart of those around me.

"I must make a conscious, deliberate, daily choice to sit at His feet, to listen to His Word, to receive His love, to let Him change me and to pour out my heart's devotion to Him." Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Monday, June 2, 2008

Glorieta, NM or Bust

The great adventure of youth camp had an early morning start. Had Zach at The Heights by 7:30 this morning for the long haul to Glorieta, NM. He was so excited about getting to go although his biggest concern was having enough snacks and money in case he needed more food. He was very concerned about not eating.

I am so glad the Lord opened up doors that allowed for him to be able to go. Since our baseball team didn't make city tournament that commitment was taken care of. His school recommended that he attend summer school but it was not mandatory. I thanked them for their continued involvement in making sure he accels but I decided it was time for a break and he just needs to be a kid. This became very apparent to me after a comment Zach made last week to me. He said, "Mom, I am feeling very disconnected from Jesus. We have been so busy with baseball and I haven't been able to go to youth on Wednesday nights." I knew it was time for him to get back where he needed to be and camp was just the place.

Zach has such an awesome relationship with our youth pastor, JB, "The Bishop" and I am so thankful. God has that way of planting us around the people we need. JB makes our youth be accountable for their faith and helps them find their gifts in order to spread their faith. I am so thankful that we have The Bishop and his family in our lives. I has been such a blessing. So you guys enjoy the cool mountain air while we fry here in Lubbock.