Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jock Ministry

God amazes me everyday when I see how he is working in my children. My oldest son is one of those that wants to give the appearance to others that his is tough and he will give the impression that he doesn't think about much else than sports. However God has worked on his heart so much I am here to tell you he is always thinking about others feelings and the situations they may be in.
When there is youth that may be having problems or are in some trouble he gets so worried. Yesterday he wanted me to call one individual to make sure they were okay. He just wants other kids to experience his youth group, his church and his God. God has made my child complete and that brings me so much happiness. I know he will continue to touch individuals. He said, "Mom, I am using sports as my ministry. I think I can reach others by my actions and by sharing Jesus through my sports." Pretty deep thoughts for a 12yr-old jock.

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