Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Fun and Questions

My boys had a great time coloring Easter eggs on Saturday evening. I treasure these times with them for I know before I know it they will be grown and gone living their own lives. We enjoy engaging in the traditional things of Easter such as coloring eggs, hunting eggs and our little one still enjoys the Easter Bunny (the truth be known, our older one does too even though he will never admit it). However, we make sure that we do not lose focus of what Easter is really about.
My husband and I were discussing the fact that it does not seem that people put the emphasis on Easter that they should. When you get down to it, I feel that Easter should be just as big of a holiday as Christmas or even bigger. Granted, Jesus had to be born for the events of salvation to occur, but when you think of the sacrifice that He went through for us. I just can't even imagine. We all know we would lay our lives on the line for our children or other loved ones but would we be willing to do the same for strangers or for someone who had wronged us? So at this time of year I am thankful for what Christ has done for me and I will try to never take it for granted as I have before. Please Lord, keep me strong.
"It is finished." Jesus Christ (John 19:30)