Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 104(54) Fun With The Boys

April 12th: My boys after the big egg hunt. Hayden is so happy with his collection of eggs and Zach... well Zach I think is trying to look really tough posing with his stash. How tough can you look posing with a yellow easter basket? I love the fact that even though he is growing up he is still willing to do things with Hayden. As I make them say to each other often "Brothers forever, brothers for life," because you are after all, your brothers keeper.

Day 103(53) Lightening Delay

April 11th: Zach's team had baseball pictures bright and early @ 8:30 then a double header starting @ 10:00. The first game had 2 lightening delays. Shawn tried to catch some sleep during one of them. Zach is back playing as a designated hitter. They actually had him batting clean-up with a broken thumb. That is crazy. He did get walked twice and struck out once but did manage to cross the plate once in the 2 games. It was a long morning. Zach's team is young and inexperienced and are really missing his pitching and fielding. Hopefully his thumb will heal quickly so he can get back at it.

Day 102(52) Good Friday

April 10th: Good Friday....I think of this day a lot. I try to put myself back at the time of the Crucifixion of Jesus. I think of his disciples. What was going through their minds that whole week. The fear, confusion and craziness of it all. Would I be like them? Would I have frozen in my shoes and defied him? I would like to say I wouldn't but how many times have I done it in my own life? People say things against him and I decide that it is just easier to ignore them than to say something. Maybe it is my own fear, confusion and craziness of my own life that I push him away sometimes to do things my way. Sweet Jesus, continue to work with me in my walk with you, Amen.

Day 101(51) The Making Of The Eggs

April 9th: My boys coloring Easter eggs. I always have a picture like this from every year. This makes me think of my dad also because one of the last pictures I gave him while he was in the hospital was of the boys coloring Easter eggs.