Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 107(57) Another Bat

April 15: With Zach's thumb injury it has been hard for him to use his Sr. league size bat so he had been using one of his old little league bats until it cracked on us last week. Knowing he was going to need to use a lighter bat for awhile we made the decision to purchase a new one. We found a great website that sells last years bats at a really discounted price. That is the only way we will ever purchase another bat. That way they have been out for a year and all the reviews from others users are available and you know if you are getting a decent bat or not!

Day 106(56) Not So Tough

April 14th:Zach's cast after only having it for 1 week is looking a little rough. Had to take him back to our friendly ortho tech, Jay, today to get some repairs done on the thumb. With Zach playing baseball all the batting is taking a toll on the thumb part. We see the doctor on the 21st. Hopefully if he can't get out of his cast then they can put a new one on. I don't think it will hold up much longer.

Day 105(55) One More For The Road

April 13th: OK, I know Easter is over but I had to post this picture of Hayden with some real little bunnies from his school. This kid just loves animals and I have no doubt he will be that vet someday that he wants to be.