Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Real Reason for Youth Camp

Pastor Mike preparing for baptisms
The crowd waiting in anticipation
One of many youth baptisms The Bishop performed
Zach congratulating his friend "J" on his baptism
The THF youth returned from Glorieta, NM on Friday night a little sunburned, bruises from paintball and just really exhausted but none were the worse for the wear. They had a great time meeting new people and doing all the activities that are available, however something more happened during that week.
There were 7 of our youth saved and 5 more decided to be baptized in obedience to Him. Out of the 22 youth we took this 12 made their decision as well as many of the remaining youth made decisions in how they would follow Christ. From what I could tell this morning, it seemed our youth had grown closer together than they were before they left. Zach seems much more confident being around them even though he is the youngest of the group. The high school boys have seemed to take him in and treat him as an equal. One in particular, "J" and Zach have seemed to form a big brother, little brother bond. I think this is great for both of them.
God did some awesome things among our youth this week. I think it has moved them in a great direction. I hope more adults become motivated and inspired by them. Special thanks to the Bishops and all the other sponsors for helping in the guidance of our youth.

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