Saturday, July 18, 2009

Outlaw's Baseball--Let's Get Rollin'

Zach's new team, the Outlaw's. Welcome to a really hot Saturday practice. 1st game this coming Monday. Really, really good team. Zach has discovered he needed to step it up a notch for this team and he is doing well. U can tell its hot, check out how red Zach's cheeks r!
Showing off the fielding skills.

He is hitting the best I have ever seen him hit!

More hitting.

The team was divided into teams of three. Zach's threesome made up of Zach, Ricky and Taylor defeated the other 2 teams. It was alot of fun!

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Darla said...

glad he has a good team to challenge him! that's always a good thing. looks like he's doing great, and i know first hand where he got that talent.