Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 133-Dual Track Meet Between TVMS and FMS

May 13: The dual 6th grade track meet between Frenship Terra Vista Middle School and Frenship Middle School was a good one. Each school was made up of two teams, the blue and the gold. Zach's team, TVMS blue team won the whole thing which is a big deal since Terra Vista has never beat FMS in this track meet since the opening of TVMS a few years ago. The coaches are very excited about this group of young men from Zach's school. They have got lots and lots of speed. These boys are so ready for football they can't stand it. Here are a few pics of Zach at the shot put ring. He didn't throw as well as he had been by about 2 feet but no matter what, he was throwing for 2nd place the whole day(which he won). The kid that won 1st is a little more physically mature than Zach and threw a crazy 36'7"!! Check that boy for some steroids! Zach headed for the ring.

His release was way too flat and look how far back he was. Had been working on it but I think he was nervous.

Zach talking to the competition, Chandler. This is the kid that threw that crazy distance. Coach Ramos told Zach not to worry, he would get him next year.

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neecie said...

Sorry about the blurry pictures, I had gotten sun screen on the lense. I'm a loser I know!