Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 135--Buddy Day

May 15th: Hayden had a great time Friday at his schools Buddy Day. He and his friend ran around and played everything and I chased behind them to snap a few pictures. I always love these days for Hayden. He isn't really into sports so I enjoy getting to see him participate in this. I am always amazed when I watch him because this is the kid we weren't sure would be able to do these things when he was little due to his NF. He is becoming a really good athlete but I don't think he realizes it. Maybe one of these days he will but until then, I will sit back in amazement of him. Hayden and PJ taking a break from the heat.
He is becoming a good hoopster.

Check out the concentration.

The wet sponge race. Hayden won and was so happy.
The chicken throw. I think this was his favorite.

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