Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 126--Our Puppies

May 6th: Ok, I missed Tuesday on this 365 thing, but I am trying. Hung out with my dogs for a while. Our little dog Raisin was supposed to be a Schnoodle and we paid a hefty price for her @ the Mall pet store. Well, we don't know what she is, but she is no Schnoodle. She has some kind of heeling capability in her bloodline because that is one of her favorite things to do, heel. Just ask our poor Lab, Yogi. Example of her heeling capability. Poor Yogi will put up with this all day. They really do enjoy each other. She shows a fine technique!
Our sweet Yogi, he is a big boy but he doesn't have one mean bone in his body. Not much of a guard dog. He would just lick any intruder to death. He is so happy go lucky. Not a clue in the world but we wouldn't trade him for anything.

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Shelley said...

beautiful dogs! Makes me want to get another one!!!