Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 92(42) No Surgery, But This Is Painful

March 31st: Got to see the orthopedic doctor, Dr. Lehman. He is an older gentleman that was very nice to Zach. He told us he didn't want to do surgery on Zach because of the area of the break is in the growth plate and he said it would destroy the growth plate where he would need to put the pin. He put him in this hard splint and we return in 3 weeks to see how its coming along. Looks like he may be back in the game in 3-4wks. Thank goodness because his not getting to play is not only painful to him, but us too. He is driving us crazy!


Darla said...

i hate when we have setbacks in life that keep us from doing what we love...tell him to hang in there. he looks alot like your other son in this picture, i have never seen such a resemblence in them before. anyway, i'm glad that there was no surgery for him and that you have a good doctor.

neecie said...

Thanks Darla. It is just hard for him because he has never had an injury that he couldn't play with. There is a big learning curve here called patience on his part but he is just not a patient person!