Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 85(35) This Old House

March 24th: On one of our many trips to Walgreens this week i snapped this shot. This is the house that has sat at the intersection of 4th and Slide. I know it has an official name but no sleep last night so I am too tired to look it up(maybe Shallowbottom can help me with this). I've always known it as where the Rip Griffin offices were. However, thanks to growth and progress the house was sold to the highest bidder and had to be moved so that Slide Rd could be expanded to Loop 289. Looks like they were pretty close to moving it.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about "official", but it was often referred to as "Tara" since it was a replica (sort of) of Scarlet's house in Gone With The Wind.

BTW, you know how much the winning bid was? $500. :)

Gonna cost a sight more than that to move it, and I think it cost the buyer a lot more to prep for the move than he anticipated. Hope that works out for him....