Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 75(25) Shawn's BAP's

March 14th: One of the many reasons I love this man, he LOVES to cook and as for me I only do it out of necessity. Shawn told me, "You know what I'm cooking?---BAPS". I know I had a confused look on my face when he said this. He then asked, "Do you know what BAPS are? Big A** Patties! LOL". Only Shawn.
And of course, he can't resist "hamming" it up for us. He can be so entertaining! I'm just glad he likes to cook!


Darla said...

i laugh everytime he is the subject of your post, he is funny even over the computer. lol. those are some BAP's and it looks like he knows what he's doing!

Jessica said...

Please invite me over the next time Shawn cooks some BAP's!!!!!!!!!!!