Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 73(23) 15 and Counting

March 12th: 15 years later we are still here. I had planned on getting a picture of Shawn and I together all day but it just never happened so I will make you guys suffer at looking at an old pic. Yes, we look very young and yes, I was once skinny. Maybe on of these days again( I know never this skinny again). We had a nice day but we plan on going out Saturday to Harrigans by ourselves. We will see if we get the chance!

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Darla said...

i love old photos, you guys look like babies! little did you know that you would come to have your two most wonderful blessings because of this union. i understand not getting to snap the picture of your day, you were BUSY with THE BOYS! i always love when i see a new post from you, hope you guys get a chance to have fun Saturday.