Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 71(21) Hayden and Homework

My Hayden is such a trooper. Not really being our avid sportsman and not having practice of his own, he gets drug to most of Zach's practices and games. This is nothing new for him since he has pretty much been doing this since day 1. So, this is a common scene of him, in our backseat doing homework while we watch Zach do his thing. I hope Zach appreciates how accommodating his brother has been for him one of these days. In the future I hope Hayden finds something he really loves doing and Zach has to slow down and wait on Hayden some. I think it would really be good for both of them.


Anonymous said...

Yep, he's a trooper that one. I've always enjoyed seeing him and talking with him when we're out and about at the same place.

Tell him this old man said "hey"!

neecie said...

I sure will tell him Hi for ya. At least that is one thing he likes about having to go to games and practices is getting to talk to all the parents.