Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 67(17) Growing Up

March 6th: This picture was taken today as my eldest child was walking away to go do his job. He and a lot of other middle school boys got various jobs at the Tiger Relays today and tomorrow. Zach and his running buddy, Ryan (the #3 in the foreground) have the exciting job of setting starting blocks for all of the hurdle races. I was there to drop off some cash, bring his cap and get some sunscreen on that boy. He leaned in the car window for me to put the sunscreen on and kept saying "hurry up mom." I guess I should have given him a big smack on the lips and he really would have died.

I know this is all part of growing up for him. In some ways it makes me sad but in other ways it brings me joy to see this kid that used to be so unsure of himself socially, growing into a confident young man and socializing very easily with his peers.


Darla said...

i totally understand your feelings, when mine started doing these things it was a good feeling too, and a sad moment at the same time...he'll continue to have these moments in various forms for the next several years. man, do they have to grow up? sidenote: i am so glad you guys are not in our district this year! we never had a chance against you!!

Amy said...

Isn't it fun to watch them grow into men? Sad in a way, but so fun to see what they are becoming physically and mentally. Go ahead and kiss him! They really secretly love it! Have a great day! Amy