Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Need The Prayers Going!

A very dear friend and co-worker of mine, Lisa, is a single mom that is doing an awesome job raising her 2 kiddos. Her little one, Annalyssia, came down with the case of the flu last Thursday. She had a really long weekend with her because she felt so bad. I get a call from Lisa last night that her little one was running a 104.6 temp. She was able to get it down around 102 and got her back in to see the doctor this morning. She got the news that she didn't want to hear, pneumonia that would require a hospital stay for a few days. However, tonight she gets the news that it is possible that she has a pleural effusion (puss around her lungs) that would require a "vats procedure" which would include an ICU stay and a chest tube! She will have a chest X-Ray in the morning so please pray that it is not the pleural effusion, just regular pneumonia. This is a scary time for this 6 yr-old and her family!


darla said...

i'll be praying!

Amy said...

We are praying! Amy