Sunday, February 15, 2009

Before And After

(very Mountain Man)


(The handsome man I married)

For some reason my crazy husband, Shawn, got a wild hair(LOL) and decided to trim up today. Trust me, not that I am complaining. My kids and I so prefer him this way. He is so handsome when I can half-way see his face. Hope he stays this way. He even made the comment, "If something happens and I die this week you can now have and open casket so you won't be embarrassed." He is so dramatic! Whatever.


What's next said...

He looks younger and you can see that your sons look like him now...
he sounds like my older sister that always tells her daughter and I "well you can do that (insert what ever she doesn't want to do) when I am dead and gone"...

darla said...

i like it alot, i'm glad he got a wild hair and decided to get rid of the wild hair! lol.

Anonymous said...

This is just a huge conspiracy, there was actually no loss of that magnificant beard!

Want proof?

Look at the licence plate in both pictures. In the supposedly "after" picture, the license plate is clearly different. This is all camera angles and other fancy stuff you have figured out with digital cameras, "photoshop", smoke and mirrors.

Trickery. Nothing more and nothing less.

Because I KNOW he would never shave off that magnificent beard.