Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Tag

Ok, I know I promised some really good post but I haven't made it back. The sickness bug has been running crazy at our house. So in taking the easy way out at the moment, I decided to take a go at the photo tag game. So this is the 4th photo from my 4th folder. It is funny that this is the picture because I was going to blog about this situation but it never happened.
This is my neighbor, Felix's driveway. Yes that is Lubbock's wonderful fire dept. Felix is a mason here in town and has several hands that park their vehicles in his driveway to go to work with him. This poor fella's truck caught on fire when he started it trying to go to lunch. I took the pictures because Hayden was at school and I knew he would be disappointed that he missed all the excitment. The fire dept did a great job!


darla said...

you are a true blogger! always getting the little moments in life captured in pictures. my son would be like yours, he likes to know what's happening, he has a scanner in his room for goodness sakes! lol!

Anonymous said...

Darla sez: "he has a scanner in his room for goodness sakes!"

Uh....doesn't everyone? No? Oh....hmmmmm. :)

Heather said...

(OK, Really- how cool is our God?!)
Denise- getting your note was the funnest little gift today!! It's so cool to hear from you!

I don't keep in touch near as much as I should-with Dr. Devine or anyone else - but I love how blogworld, facebook, etc. make the world a smaller place. We just need to get everyone on here..

We are doing well - 2 kiddos now. Jason's a minister and I work pt. time at the church and pt time for a pediatrician in town.- Life's a little crazier for us right now than usual - but we are so blessed, and I'm learning and growing - and I love it all.

Reading your blog is so encouraging! Seeing your spirit just makes me all the more thankful for you- and appreciative of the quality of people He prepared to be around us 13 years ago. You, my friend, will always be family to us. How fun to find you! (or be found by you!)
Let me know what you are up to!