Thursday, December 11, 2008

Continue to Pray for Tanner

I just want you guys to continue to pray for Tanner and his family. He is now at Covenant Medical Center. I have alot of second hand information on his condition that I don't feel comfortable posting encase it is not accurate. What I do know is that he did suffer a concussion several weeks ago and then was cleared to play. The doctors do feel that his head trauma is not just from one particular hit but from the accumulation of hits over a period of time. This is a serious situation and we need to lift this family up in prayer.


Amarillo Fats said...

please see my post under the
original blog Dec 8 RE: updates
on tanner cook.
take care.....AF

Anonymous said...

We've been trying to keep up with this via Lisa's connections in Abernathy. It's a scary deal, but apparently there was good news Thursday. I also refrain from giving any PHI, but at some point THESE ARE ALL OUR KIDS ON THE SOUTH PLAINS! Green/Gold, Blue/White, Red/Black....we'll battle each other all night long on the gridiron, court or track, but it's all West Texas kids! All West Texans want Tanner to come out of this OK!

neecie said...

I agree with you Shallowbottom. As parents I know this is a fear we all face when our kiddos hit the field, court or mat. It is something we all pray will not happen but the underlying risk is always there.

Amarillo Fats said...

couldn't have said it better myself
there shallowbottom..i just forwarded an article to my football
folks from 127am 12/12 from the avalance journal website, i'm sure it will be in the paper today. it's
a fairly good update...but i have felt all along this was far worse
than what they releasing to the news & sports folks dave cambell
texas football has stuck with the story so everyone statewide knows
about it and it has been requested
that everyone remember tanner in thier prayers.....i have
take care fats

margaret said...

I'm here in his hometown, and the news on Friday is good. He's off the ventilator, responding to verbal commands, and is mouthing some words to answer people.