Friday, November 21, 2008

Who Will Have The Heisman Moment?

Graham and Crabtree

Well the time has arrived for Tech's next biggest game in their history. How I wish this game was being played here in Lubbock because we tend to be able to handle them here. However, I think Tech has a date with destiny. I have this really weird feeling that this group of scrappy, hard-nosed players are going to make it to the Big Show in Miami. Can't explain it, but it is there. This group is not like Tech teams of the past. They seem hungry yet in control. There is a calmness and business-like attitude with this team. I feel very good about their game.

Unfortunately, I feel the outcome of this game is going to determine the Heisman trophy winner. If Tech wins, even as good a Michael Crabtree is, I believe Graham will walk away with it with Crabtree getting an invite to The Big Apple. If Tech loses this game I don't think Sam Bradford will win it. I think it will come down to Colt McCoy or last years winner, Tim Tebow.

One thing we know for sure, Tech holds their destiny in their own hands and the Heisman is Graham's to lose. So lets support Tech. This is the best thing to happen to West Texas since the women won the basketball National Championship.


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neecie said...

Like I said it was Graham's to lose and lose it he did. I had been impressed with him all year but in this game he looked like the Graham of the past, making bad decisions. Granted, the rest of the team was playing horrible but when that happens, you have to seperate the men from the boys and the Heisman player has to step up and Graham didn't. I am still proud of Tech's season. Hopefully OSU will take care of OU and the Aggies need to surprise the Longhorns again, that way we have a shot at a BCS bowl game. Hang in there Red Raiders and take care of business against Baylor.