Monday, October 27, 2008

ESPN's College GameDay in town

The biggest thing to hit Lubbock in a long time will occur this coming Saturday. ESPN's College GameDay will be on the Texas Tech campus. College GameDay usually is on set for the biggest game of the week. This week the biggest game in the country is here in Lubbock. It is between 2 undeafeated teams. The #1 rank Texas Longhorns and depending on which poll you look at the #5,#6 or #7 Texas Tech Red Raiders.
I really like both of these teams and they are both loaded with alot of talent. Texas is led by quarterback and Heisman hopeful, Colt McCoy. I really like this kid. He has tons of talent, good leadership and is a strong christian young man. It doesn't hurt that his from Texas (Jim Ned High School outside of Abilene). We got the privilege of getting to see his last high school football game when Jim Ned was defeated by Canadian here in Lubbock. He is a quality young man.
Texas Tech's high powered offense is led by another Heisman hopeful, Graham Harrell, another Texas schoolboy out of Ennis. Tech has a slew of receivers led by Michael Crabtree and Shallowater's own, Eric Morris.
What I think this game will come down to is who has the better defense. There is no doubt that both offenses can score, however both defenses have had their troubles this year. I think this will be the classic everyone is hoping for.
As far as College GameDay, Zach really, really wants to go down and check it out. However, I am afraid that it is going to be so packed and crazy that is will be much safer to watch it from the comfort of our living room. We will see how it goes. Although it would be great to see Chris, Lee and Kirk in person.
Who is my pick you ask? I think the Big 12 South will be a winner either way. With a Tech win, it could do great things for the program as well as shine some positive light on Lubbock and West Texas. I think this will be a close one but I think Tech has less at stake because no one expects them to pull it out. My pick---Tech 42- Texas-38.


darla said...

thanks for always keeping me updated on the sports side of life! seems that when we played grahm the other night, the quarterback was supposedly the brother to the Texas QB? do you know anything about that? anyway, he was impressive and his dad was the coach. that's the school where Beau Rees is the superintendant.:)

neecie said...

Yes we know about Case McCoy. They say he is really talented but we have not seen him play yet. Yes, I knew Beau was superindendant @ Graham. If they only knew him like we did. lol.

darla said...

yea, it's a good thing we've all grown up and become productive citizens! lol!