Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In a lull

We have been so busy with our day to day lives that I have been feeling a little off-balance. Between school, work, baseball, church and now dealing with Shawn's back problems, I feel that I have been losing focus of the important things. We rush from one thing to the next and I think today it is time for a slow down for me. I hate to admit it, but for the past couple of weeks my quite time has been out the window. As my friend, The Bishop would say, I am in a funk. Just not feeling quiet right and I know why. So today I will take the time pick up the good Book and get into some conversation with the man upstairs. Tomorrow will be alot brighter I know. May all of you find that brightness.

1 comment:

In_spired said...

Same here...only my lull has lasted about a month! You are younger and wil snap back much quicker.

We'll be at your mom's this afternoon and tonight!!