Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Dad

Today is a special day to me. It is a day of remembrance of my Dad. My dad, John Robert Lowrance left this earth April 8, 2002. I think back to that day often with some sadness but in odd way with some peace.
My dad struggled with kidney cancer for 6 years. Most of those years were good years. He was able to continue working at his business he so loved, travel and see all the grandchildren he was to have arrive on this earth. Even though I was sad for my dad to leave I know he had suffered so much that the peace he had at the end brought me some comfort.
When I look at this picture, that is how I remember him. Sitting at his desk at his business, talking with customers who knew that they could trust him, watching him get a breaker box ready or splice wire to get a Red Jacket submersible pump ready to go so his customer could get some water.
I do miss the fact that my dad is missing my boys growing up. I know how much he would love to watch Zach playing all his sports. He was such a sports fan. As Zach grows older, I see more and more of him in Zach. I recently looked at some childhood photos of my dad at about Zach's age. They both have that eye squint and have the same expression on their faces. I see his quiet presence in Hayden. Hayden is like him in that way. Not much on words but usually when speaking they have something important to say. Hayden is an avid reader like him. My dad would read every paper he could get his hands on front to back usually 2 or 3 times.
So here is to my dad. I miss him so but know one day we will be reunited in the way God wants us to be. But until then, I will think of him fondly and hold him close to my heart as I see him in my boys.


What's next said...

I know those feelings. Its been years since my parents died and those dates are still hard... you never quit missing them... But what joy the thought of seeing them again one day brings.

In_spired said...

Barbara B and I were talking about him just last week...I wasn't even thinking about the date. We were just visiting about 'way back when...' and she was having good memories of good times.

Love you...

deekaye said...

*tear* your dad was so good to you. i remember him buying me so many things. he was so generous to your friends.we always ate well when your dad took us anywhere. i have pictues of him somewhere from our trip to red river. i have fond memories of him as well. hard working and honest. he was special to me, i don't know if i ever told you that. love ya girl.

Kayla said...

That is my very favorite picture of Papa John. I miss him too.